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Q&A dying neighbor

Dear Rhona: I moved to another province a few years ago. Shortly after I left, I was neighborinformed that a neigbour who was close to the family was dying of cancer. She has 2 young daughters and a husband. I don’t know what to do to send them a sign that I am thinking about them and care about them. Is it my business to do that? What do you suggest? I don’t want to sound sorry or sad.


Dear Stalled: No one expects you to sound upbeat and deliver a humorous take on this sad situation. Be yourself and say what you are thinking. “ You have been on my mind and I just wanted you to know that I am sending you good wishes. You were an influential person in my life growing up and I always think of you when I see purple petunias. Thanks for the great gardening advice – I’m putting it to good use now that I have my own place. I hope to see you when I am in the area. Enclosing a music CD that always makes me smile. Hope you like it”. If you have some photos from the old neighborhood that she might enjoy, make some copies. You get the gist. Pull out the pen. The most important part of the note is not so much what you say but that you write it at all. People want to know that they were important to others and that their life mattered.

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