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Here’s to 2020 Poem

                                     Here’s to health Here’s to love Here’s to peace and pies Pies in the skies And gravy with fries (If you type too fast You get gravy with flies) All of which I like Kind of   Here’s to wealth Here’s to passion Here’s to music and the arts To uplifting reports […]

Childhood: People Of Different Shades

I was brought up in an entertainment family in a predominantly pale neighborhood but my childhood was lived in the midst of many black singers, musicians and comedians. I had adopted ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles’ who were black and never thought any of it. My parents were very adamant that skin color came in many shades. […]

Waiting For Love: How Long is Too Long?

My friend Allie is waiting to see if her live-in love will pass his bar exams before she brings up the subject of caterers and flower arrangements. She has already lingered through his “Let’s Wait Till I Get Into Law School” phase, followed by the “My Sister Is Getting Married Let’s Not Compete” phase and […]

Career Crunch: How To Save Your Sex Life

“I have long been of the opinion that if work were such a splendid thing the rich would have kept more of it for themselves.” — Bruce Grocott A career demands to be fed. It is the leading cause of the increase in smart phones, road rage and diminished libido. OK, I don’t know this […]

Q&A Miss MIA

Dear Rhona: My girlfriend of 4 years left after I moved my ill mom into the in-law-suite in our home. I worked hard – building us a home for her lovely kids. She was not willing to share my love for my mom, and was averse to my reacquainting myself with my older son. After […]

Q&A dying neighbor

Dear Rhona: I moved to another province a few years ago. Shortly after I left, I was neighborinformed that a neigbour who was close to the family was dying of cancer. She has 2 young daughters and a husband. I don’t know what to do to send them a sign that I am thinking about […]

Ask Rhona 1

Dear Rhona: I’m involved in a long-distance relationship, and I get so depressed when he leaves or when I leave him. Throughout the day I find myself crying. I try to think about our happy memories, but then I become sad again because I can’t be with him. How do I deal with the separation? […]

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Holiday Pressure: Your Place Or Mine?

Whenever the mighty holidays are looming, we’re forced to address all sorts of sticky dilemmas and relationship stresses — some more boo-hoo-hoo than ho-ho-ho. Where do you go, who do you take, what do you buy? The trick is to plan ahead, so that you feel more festive than foolish. Here are some coping strategies: […]

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