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Radio: 'Rhona At Night'

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Rhona hosted the internationally syndicated love and relationship radio show "Rhona At Night". Rhona is the only Canadian to syndicate a radio show into the US market and was one of Radio and Record's 'New Talents Of 2001' …
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TV: 'Rhona On Air'

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Rhona created, produced and hosted both the award-winning "Friends And Lovers" and "Rhona On Air", which aired on PBS' Seattle affiliate, KCTS. Her numerous guest appearances include ... … [ more ]

PRINT: 'Ask Rhona'

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Rhona's internationally syndicated advice column has been a popular feature in dozens of newspapers across Canada and the US since 1990. Rhona's articles have been featured in Chatelaine magazine, womencentral.com and msn.com to name just a few. Her first book, 'Ask Me Anything' was published in the 21st century and is one of the pinkest books you'll find on her webmaster's bookshelf … [ more ]